Our way of doing things

Our distribution and sales channels.

In order to reach the users, we collaborate with the best distribution channels of the countries where we operate. Our goal is to have sales points of great quality. We develop sales strategies conforming to all channels available in each one of our clients, thus improving the users’ purchasing experience.

Our marketing

We create full purchasing experiences to foster customer loyalty, using online and offline resources that allow us to increase the commitment to our brands. Correctly understanding and planning the strategy is crucial when launching a brand. We are capable of measuring each one of our actions and therefore test the final performance of each campaign.

Digital campaigns

POS demonstrations

Branding actions and events

User communities

Attendance to specialized trade fairs

Media appearances

Our support, customer service

We dedicate a great amount of resources to our customer service in order to offer a service that matches the products we work with. This service is essential when creating a satisfying purchasing and use experience. Our system allows our agents to connect with the users whenever they are and solve their problems in the shortest time possible. It is very important to maintain a flawless level of service to strengthen the customer’s loyalty towards a brand.

Our operations

Managing these types of products is not an easy task, that’s why we have optimized our ERP and improved our processes to become faster in all our operations, including logistics and transportation. We have a warehouse space of over 1,000 square meters where we monitor all production inputs and outputs, tracking every serial number to not lose traceability.

Operations Optimized
Product traceability
Reception and dispatching of orders
Order tracking
Generation of reports
Commercial and POS control

Product localization

Betting on innovative products entails having the capability to adapt them to each one of the markets where we work. We help manufacturers translate their manuals and content, as well as adapt their language to the local market.

Landing pages

Content translation

Subtitles for videos

Market adaptation