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Working with the best startups.

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We know the effort behind each product, and that is why we treat it as if it were ours. We dedicate the necessary time and resources to convert each of them into a sales success.

We are committed to our clients. We work hand-in-hand with the most innovative technology product manufacturers in the world market. Our mission is to bring the technology to consumers and connect with them, providing our structure and experience.

This way we can increase our brand´s value, generate traffic for stores and create consumer satisfaction.

What we provide

We´ve been in the distribution sector since 2003, developing essential infrastructure for the sales and promotion of consumer electronics and domestic robotics.

Market Knowledge.

Our experience allows us to create business plans adapted to the product.

Access to online and retail stores.

Access to the best points of sales on each channel.

Complete product localization.

We translate and adapt the online content to our market.

Global marketing strategy.

We adapt the global marketing strategy of each manufacturer to the markets we work in.

Customer service and repairs

Pre-sales and post-sales services are very important in the purchasing experience. We provide support to all of our clients.

Logistic and warehousing operations.

A14,000 square meter warehouse were we perform all product picking and packing tasks, always maintaining traceability.

We want groundbreaking products!
A team dedicated to the search of differentiating products. Only the best ones are good for us.

What we are looking for


They represent a novelty on the market or an improvement on an already existing product.


They have gone through a major process of creation and development.


It has one or more novel features that make it different from the rest.


The materials used for its manufacture have great quality and resistance.

Brands to which we have given our backing.

We have collaborated with over 100 companies, here are some of them.

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If you have an innovative product and you want to connect with the consumers, contact us and we will help you.
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